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Healing Inner Child


We all need to feel accepted and loved unconditionally. If your parents were not loved unconditionally, they each developed an inner child which felt unloved. This made it hard for your parents to love you the way you wanted and needed to be loved. When you were not loved unconditionally, you too developed an inner child which felt unloved.

Your needy inner child, which feels unloved, is locked into the past. It feels that the past has been difficult and painful and is afraid that the future will be the same way. It is afraid and doesn’t feel worthy.

The thoughts and beliefs of your needy inner child are based on fear, hurt and remorse. There are thoughts of self-recrimination and replaying of old programs of parental disapproval, which now manifest as self-judgment. The underlying message of your needy inner child is, “Life is a struggle." Your needy inner child believes it is a victim of the world and carries an underlying feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

The way out of this needy inner child rut is first to gain a sense of detachment, which allows you to observe your needy inner child’s thought system in action. Whenever there is a feeling of fear or tension in your body, you can know that there is an underlying attachment or identification with a needy inner child belief system.

The first step towards healing your needy inner child is through non-judgmental observing. Observing with non-judgment and love allows you the freedom, detachment, and perspective which fosters deep healing. As you learn to be compassionate and understanding of your inner child, the journey to healing begins. If you do this consistently, the needy inner child feels safe and eventually sees a new direction. As you continue this path of observing your needy inner child with love, a sense of hope that the past need not be repeated begins to emerge and a transformation occurs. You will feel more relaxed and will have a sense of trust that you are safe and loved.

In this 8-week Healing Inner Child Program that is guided by a trained facilitator, you will learn how to give your needy inner child the nurturing attention it has always wanted. As you participate in the Healing Inner Child Program, you will learn to pay attention to what your needy inner child says, thinks, feels and how it behaves. You will learn to observe it with detachment and compassion, realizing you can transform and heal it with the help of your Higher Self.

In the supportive environment of a group or one on one, you will learn that you are not alone and have a choice to perceive your situation differently. The shared experiences and activities provide a rich opportunity to release limiting fears and bring more unconditional love into your life.

Included is a workbook with eight lessons that can be a journal of your inner child healing. Weekly focus cards and a guided audio meditation (a male & female voice version) will help you bring your inner child issues to your Higher Self for transformation. What you learn can apply to any relationship — your spouse, significant other, co-worker, friend or relative.

The topics of the 8 weekly sessions are:

  1. Nurturing Your Inner Child — Becoming Your Needy Inner Child's Nurturing Parent

  2. The Inner Critical Parent — Replacing Self-Criticism with Self-Nurturing

  3. Inner Child Baggage — Recognizing & Healing Self-Destructive Thoughts

  4. Connecting with Higher Self — Learning to Connect Your Inner Child with Inner Wisdom

  5. Transforming Fear — Recognizing Needy Inner Child Cries for Love

  6. Stop, Look & Listen — Paying Attention to Who Is in Charge

  7. Healing Relationships — Seeing Through the Needy Inner Child to Light Essence

  8. Simple, Uncomplicated Love — Expanding Your Identity to Being Love

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