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Gary Renard - Learn about the author of the bestselling books, The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality. Read an interview, excerpts, and reviews of his books. Check out Gary's appearance schedule and his weekly podcasts.

Carol Howe - Peace of mind through healed relationships: This site is dedicated to transformation, personal growth, and healing the hurt behind addictions, based on principles from A Course In Miracles.

Foundation for Inner Peace - The original organization appointed by the scribe, Dr. Helen Schucman, to publish and distribute the only authorized manuscript of A Course in Miracles. The organization handles the administration and supervision of the translation of A Course in Miracles. This site includes information about translations available and in process and background information about the Course.


Foundation for A Course in Miracles - The goal for this site is to present the purpose and activities of the Foundation as well as what A Course in Miracles is and what it teaches. Besides offering workshops, study groups, and classes, they publish a wide variety of books, CDs, and DVDs on the Course.


The Forgiveness Movement - Founded by Tom and Linda Carpenter, this site suggests that we have a choice for the world. There is an alternative to hate and conflict; to deprivation and suffering. The Forgiveness Movement supports our common intention to show there is a peaceful way to deal with our differences as well as heal what seems to be a wounded and failing environment.


Miracles Magazine - Published by Jon Mundy, Ph.D., Executive Director of All Faiths Seminary International and author of 9 books including his newest book, Living A Course in Miracles - An Essential Guide to the Classic Text, published by Sterling Ethos, of NYC, a division of Barnes and Noble.


The Miracle Network — A resource organization for all things A Course in Miracles in the United Kingdom. It publishes a bi-monthly magazine, 'Miracle Worker', which contains news, thought-provoking and inspiring articles, events guide (Course-related events all over the UK) and listings of ACIM study and support groups.


Miracle Distribution Center - This nonprofit organization maintains an extensive, updated online list of A Course in Miracles study groups worldwide. They also sponsor many events with prominent Course authors in Southern California.

ACIM St. Louis - Provides information on St. Louis ACIM events, local study groups, articles by local ACIM students and links to other ACIM sites.

Neda Boin is a singer-songwriter with half Dutch, and half Persian roots, born and raised in The Netherlands. She started writing songs when she was a little kid and learned how it was a great way to communicate her message. When she was 17 years old, she wrote a song about HIV and Aids which brought her to Kenya, where she performed in slums, orphanages, and even the Maasai tribe. The year after that she went to India to investigate child prostitution and share her song about women’s rights.
Again, a few years later, she hitchhiked from The Netherlands to South Africa to raise awareness around topics such as child labor, gender equality, education, and sustainable farming. After she came back, she started giving workshops in juvenile prison, which to this day she still does with great passion.


The Voice for Love - David Paul and Candace Doyle offer guides to Love, God, prayer, meditation, and peace within you - right now.


Regina Dawn Akers - Scribe of The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI) and The Inner Ramana. This site provides expanded information about these books and their teachings.


Community Miracles Center - Offers a full line of A Course in Miracles books and tapes at low prices. You'll find links to many Course-related sites, study group listings, an online study group, and more. The CMC offers full, legal ordination as an ordained minister.


Forgiveness Is the Home of Miracles - This book by Robyn Busfield will take you on a journey that will leave you astounded. It will make you think, make you smile, make you cry, make you laugh, and most of all, make you question everything you ever thought was real.

Miracles One Center - Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps assist others with learning how to live the Spirit-Led life through the study and practical application of the teachings in A Course in Miracles.

Australian Centre for Inner Peace - Information, workshops, and articles by Michael Dawson on finding inner peace through A Course in Miracles.


The Awakening Mind - A worldwide ministry established by David Hoffmeister for the purpose of teaching and learning true forgiveness. Gatherings and retreats are held around the world to inspire and practically apply the teachings of the Course.


The Power to Stop - The Power to Stop by Karen Bentley is an ACIM-based program for stopping unwanted habits and out-of-control behaviors. The Power to Stop is available as a book, a 30-day coaching program, and a weekend boot camp. Love is the answer to every problem, including stopping. The four easy-stopping skills you learn lead to self-love, personal power and moments of enlightenment.

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