Spiritual Awakening 8-Week

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Healing Inner Child 8-Week

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Relationship Enhancement Counseling

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Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling

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8 Weekly Sessions

  1. Accepting Abundance — Letting Spirit Be in Charge

  2. Opening to Inner Guidance — Strengthening Communication with Your Inner Guidance

  3. Going Gently — A Process for Achieving Greater Awareness

  4. Transforming Your Life — Changing Your Thoughts to Change Your World

  5. The Awakened Perspective — Releasing Judgment and Allowing Love to Shine Through

  6. Accelerating Your Growth — Seeing the Messages in Your Relationships

  7. Building Your House of Light — Making Every Moment an Empowering Experience

  8. Divine Play — Celebrating Love — Oneness 

8 Weekly Sessions

  1. Nurturing Your Inner Child — Becoming Your Needy Inner Child's Nurturing Parent

  2. The Inner Critical Parent — Replacing Self-Criticism with Self-Nurturing

  3. Inner Child Baggage — Recognizing & Healing Self-Destructive Thoughts

  4. Connecting with Higher Self — Learning to Connect Your Inner Child with Inner Wisdom

  5. Transforming Fear — Recognizing Needy Inner Child Cries for Love

  6. Stop, Look & Listen — Paying Attention to Who Is in Charge

  7. Healing Relationships — Seeing Through the Needy Inner Child to Light Essence

  8. Simple, Uncomplicated Love — Expanding Your Identity to Being Love

Working with Me, You Will Accomplish the Following

  • Find the key areas which need attention in your relationship.

  • Set achievable goals for the kind of relationship you would like to have.

  • Recognize unconscious barriers to love that lead to conflict and division and learn to replace these thought patterns with new healing patterns.

  • Learn to develop the habit of seeing through criticism, anger and hostility to the wounded thinking behind it in yourself and your partner/friend.

  • Practice and refine valuable ways of listening and talking to each other which foster true intimacy and heal wounds from the past.

  • Learn how to be each other's best friend — how to create an atmosphere of safety and trust, where you feel safe enough to talk through anything, including your deepest fears.

  • Learn healthy perspectives of giving and receiving, so that each of you feels the joy of serving each other's deepest soul desires for healing and wholeness.

  • Learn how to get your deepest heart-to-heart needs met and to help your partner meet his or her innermost spiritual needs as you awaken spiritually together.

One-on-One  Counseling

The Power to Heal Is Within You

In my One-on-One Sessions, I will guide you on how to access your Inner Wisdom to heal yourself.
We will set up a Happiness System, so you can LIVE YOUR HAPPY no matter what is going on in your world.

What We Will Explore Together
  • Remove Self-Created Barriers

  • Accessing Inner Wisdom

  • Deepen Meditation Practice

  • Deepening A Course in Miracles Principles

  • Cultivate Peace of Mind

The Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling sets the stage for you to take a look at unconscious “thought clusters” which may be behind the discomfort you are experiencing. My job is to put in back in touch with the truth you already are.