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Our Safety Is in the Love We Are

God’s Name is holy, but no holier than yours. To call upon His Name is but to call upon your own. A father gives his son his name, and thus identifies the son with him. His brothers share his name, and thus are they united in a bond to which they turn for their identity. Your Father’s Name reminds you who you are, even within a world that does not know; even though you have not remembered it. God’s Name can not be heard without response, nor said with­out an echo in the mind that calls you to remember. Say His Name, and you invite the angels to surround the ground on which you stand, and sing to you as they spread out their wings to keep you safe, and shelter you from every worldly thought that would intrude upon your holiness. Repeat God’s Name, and all the world responds by laying down illusions. Every dream the world holds dear has suddenly gone by, and where it seemed to stand you find a star; a miracle of grace. The sick arise, healed of their sickly thoughts. The blind can see; the deaf can hear. The sorrowful cast off their mourning, and the tears of pain are dried as happy laughter comes to bless the world. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 183, W-pI.183.1-3. See also ACIM Lesson 183 Insights.)

God’s Name is His Identity — Universal Love. His Name is also our own because He has shared His Identity with His Son. In the world we are told to shelter from the Covid-19 pandemic. Here we are told to accept the Identity God shares with everyone to be sheltered from “every worldly thought” of separation. We accept our true Identity by letting the Holy Spirit guide our thoughts. He will show us the eternal innocence of Love behind the illusions that seem to separate. With His Help, we learn that we are immune to the ego’s sickly thoughts. We are eternally safe in the Heart of Love.

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