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Pathways of Light
Practitioner Training

Applying ACIM in Your Daily Life

The Pathways of Light ACIM Practitioner Training Program includes 24 courses that focus on topics such as forgiveness, wellness, and living in the world while waking up. The courses are available as self-study or with a Mind Healing Partner to help you understand and apply A Course in Miracles in your everyday life.

We don’t go Home alone. We heal together as we join with our brother to heal. The more we practice opening up to the Holy Spirit joined with our brother, the stronger our connection becomes.

901: Introduction to Miracles Practice

902: Remembering to Choose Peace

903: Gratitude for God’s Gifts

904: Putting God First

905: Special Relationships vs. Holy Relationships

906: Healing Through Forgiveness

907: The Power of Decision — Cause and Effect

908: Abundance Awareness

909: Wellness Through Mind Healing

910: Living in the World While Waking Up

911: The Healing Journey Inward

912: Accepting Holy Spirit’s Help

913: Two Categories — Real… Unreal

914: The Power of Gentleness and Patience

915: Being a Messenger of Innocence and Unity

916: Teacher of God

917: You Are in Heaven Now
918: The Power of Prayer and Meditation
919: Serving God’s Plan of Awakening
920: Being a Miracle Worker
921: ACIM Practitioner, Part I
922: ACIM Practitioner, Part II
923: ACIM Practitioner, Part III
924: ACIM Practitioner, Part IV

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